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                Profile of the Corporation
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                Profile of the Corporation


                China National Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CNADC”) was founded in October 2004 upon the restructuring and merging of China National Fisheries (Group) Corporation with the China Animal Husbandry (Group) Corporation and changed its governance structure and name in January 2011 according to the Company Law. It is the only central comprehensive agricultural enterprise under the direct governance of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council. It is a leading enterprise in national animal epidemic diseases and is irreplaceable in meeting China’s agricultural needs. CNADC holds 17 wholly owned or share-controlled subsidiaries, and 3 publicly listed companies. CNADC’s business can be found in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China. It has established branches or bases in more than 40 countries and regions around the world and maintains economic and trade ties with over 80 countries and regions.

                As a wholly state-owned company, CNADC devotes itself to international cooperation and the exploitation of agricultural and fishery resources. Domestically CNADC keeps in mind its aim to serve “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and actively promotes the development of agricultural industrialization. After years of development, CNADC has gradually built up three core businesses: development of strategic resources, with focus on pelagic fishing and agricultural resource exploitation; research and development, manufacturing and distribution of biological vaccines, vet-medicines and feed additives; and modern seed, agricultural insurance and agricultural international trade. Meanwhile, it develops supplementary services for core businesses, such as diesel manufacturing and port construction.

                CNADC adheres to the plans made by the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council to deepen reforms in state-owned enterprises and follows the SASAC’s guiding principles “to grow stronger and larger” in a bid to implement the “Twelfth Five-year Plan”. CNADC will continue its efforts regarding enterprise reform, further adjust and optimize its business structure and make a more reasonable allotment of resources so as to enhance the enterprise’s core competition. CNADC will cater to the domestic and international markets and strive towards more ambitious goals. 

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